[P@D] DJ Gestap & Lily Stilson – Iridescent Turbulence | Uplifting Trance

Anthology, a bunch of goldie oldies and a bunch fresh new horse tunes! And what can be more fresh than when 2 Pony Trance Gods collab together?! DJ Gestap and Lily Stilson bring that feels and emotions on this amazing track!

Mostly remember my times when I listened to some Paul Van Dyk and Robert Miles (RIP Sir) or even some old school DJ Tiësto when I was studying for a Maths exam! But this song done by the 2 of the big 4 of Pony Trance, really made my day, with wild synth work and amazing drumming, both artists did really well!

Download or buy Anthology in a bandcamp near your or buy a CD merchandise of the album! (Only for rich people, if you a poor person like me, just download it and dance, it’s my best advice right now).

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