[P@D] SDreamExplorerS & Silver Note – Duty | Alternative Metal / Nu Metal

Alternative vibes from the 2000’s reminding of Drowning Pool and other Nu Metal acts that mixed heavy guitar riffs with alternative vibes and mixes between harsh and clean vocals, 2 Hard Rock and Metal Gods collide to create and send lyrical themes about mental health and helping others! That’s it’s a fresh horse tune coming from Anthology! And Silver Note and SDreamExplorerS came to rock your world!

We clearly listen to the alternative vibes that Silver put it on the song, warm and ethereal pads mixed with clean guitar riffs and angelical vocals, the Matt Bellamy of Pony Music also had help with the Anders Fridén of Pony Music aka SDreamExplorerS with his harsh and yet amazing vocals and with the harsh guitar riffs! Both did an awesome job on this track making this track the best from the album!

Download Anthology in the bandcamp near you (if u are rich, buy the CD version! Thanks Life Hacks! OH YEAAAAAH!).

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