[P@D] PrinceWhateverer – Reparation (feat. Sable Symphony) | Melodic Metalcore / Trancecore

PrinceWhateverer on Ponies At Dawn’s Anthology?! What a nice surprise! And with help from the talented Sable Symphony, both deliver a smashing and incredible track!

Trancecore and Metalcore elements mixed in a potion of clean and harsh vocals with chaotic and schizophrenic guitar riffs and electronics chords make this song one of the best from Anthology! It reminds me of chords from Constellations, another amazing track done by Whateverer. Reparation is an amazing headbanger for your weekend. Keep it up the awesome work, both of you, AJ and Sable!

Download or buy Anthology on bandcamp (seriously, just download it, I’m out of puns and creative ideas for this last paragraph, it’s too much P@D!!!!)

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