Ponylution – Falling in Sky | Drum & Bass

Yeah man, I can feel it. This track is awesome! I think the build-up itself is amazing, together with awesome drop and piano flow. I love it! and It definitely fits Fluttershy! ❤ I can actually see her soaring through the sky while this is playing. With all her kindness and bravery just shining. From how we saw her grow, and develop her beautiful heart. She’s such a strong hearted and brave pony. And although having so much grace but being afraid to show it, I just want to say that I can feel you, me and many see how beautiful and brave you are and we believe in you Fluttershy. ❤

Man Ponylution, keep up the amazing work man! I love this tune. ❤ I definitely think this is my favourite track now. I’m gonna bump this 24/7, You have my word. Rather than falling, this track will keep rising to the sky for me. 😉 Everybody, show some love. ❤


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