[P@D] bank pain, PegasYs, ThatMusicBrony – Breathe | Glitch Hop

The mega-collabs on Anthology made me really happy, especially this one! A really urban, chill and yet brutal track composed of a lot of elements from various genres of music, including R&B, Hip Hop, Chillstep and Glitch Hop!

TMB‘s vocals are always so iconic and awesome, I really love them! The lyrics are also pretty well written, thumbs up for who wrote the lyrics! Now the instrumental is what pleasd me the most. The vocals were pretty awesome, the drop really steals the spotlight, the wubs mixed in the slow tempo snare and drums makes a really awesome and kinda psychedelic feel! bank pain and PegasYs did an awesome job on the instrumental, as well the vocal work done by ThatMusicBrony!

Download album, buy album, whatever you want, you can even listen the album on bandcamp without buying or downloading. Or if you even want to spend more money to get awesome things, buy the CD (it doesn’t have all tracks, but at least it’s worth a try).

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