[P@D] DJT & ThatMusicBrony – Fading Moments | Glitch Hop

Anthology! Here we go again with other post about a new horse tune from an anthological album! This time we have DJT and ThatMusicBrony (again, I guess) and I must say, this track is pretty awesome, it starts with an urban feeling of the hip hop part of the glitch hop, with very soft piano and really awesome drums sets! Then TMB’s vocals are awesome, you will recognize instantly a TMB song by his vocals. Then the chorus begins and then we have the amazing drop and here shows the glitch part of the glitch hop! Full of bass and synth energy and awesome vocal sampling! I really love the message from the lyrics (The fires in our hearts, the flames will never die, Let’s hope this moment never ends) mostly that one, it’s one of my favorite parts! Another amazing thing is that this song it’s featured on the Glitch Hop Community! Good job both of you!

By the end, you should really know what this paragraph is for, don’t ya? It’s just for advert about the anthological album, yes, download it in the bandcamp, I’m waiting. You should have already downloaded by this time. If you are rich, you know, hum… buy it! Or buy the CD, it don’t have all tracks and blah blah, but it’s still funny!

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