[P@D] UndreamedPanic – Sunset Paradise | Electro House

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have dat swing! Anthology brought up some really awesome bangers and really deep and melodic stuff, but then there’s Sunset Paradise, and it’s amazing! UndreamedPanic did an awesome job on this track, the vocal chops are really well done and worked, also Applejack vocals for everyone! I don’t know exactly what genre to call this, Panic is really creative with the tracks that he makes. That saxophone it’s really warm and has a summer feeling, sadly that I don’t want summer anymore (it’s a long story), never mind this song is pretty awesome!

Download, download, download, blah blah blah! You know what I mean when I end this P@D reviews, don’t ya? Download it, you will love and enjoy it, what can go wron- (oops… this it’s also A LONG story). I forget about this: If you are rich, buy the album or buy the CD edition, don’t have all tracks but it’s still awesome.

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