Radial Rainbow – Razzle Dazzle | Folk Metal / Metalcore

Radial Rainbow! This cover is really brutal and headbanging. The flute is really well performed, I love how it replaces the vocals. Then the guitar riffs are also pretty amazing, I was stunned when I first listened to this and now I’m addicted to this cover! The breakdowns, a thing that is very common in Modern Metalcore, were really pretty awesome! This is full of awesomeness and the last part it’s the best part. With the flute and the piano, then the guitar riff comes and the chorus is played again with more awesomeness and then more breakdowns happened! This is really a treat for me, thank you Radial Rainbow for this amazing cover! Stay brutal!


One thought on “Radial Rainbow – Razzle Dazzle | Folk Metal / Metalcore

  1. papanny says:

    Hi :3
    Thank you for that review, we are glad do hear that our work gives such positive emotions!
    But not all music with flute is folk. This track is Mainstream PostHardcore, which is the next step in the evolution of (or branch from) metalcore.

    With respect, flautist of Radial Rainbow


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