[ASOS] Greyfade – Moribund | Psytrance

Coming from the most recent A State Of Sugar compilation, Candy, Greyfade bring us a psychedelic trip with Moribund! The bass, that it’s the most important element in psytrance, is really well performed, as with the drops, I love how Greyfade build the drops and the suspense between the first drop and the second drop with the ambient and orchestral elements is pretty well made! It really takes you to an amazing trip, a song that you should not forget to listen! Good job on this one Greyfade, I’m proud! Covering a genre that it’s quickly forgotten by the fandom and only 2 or 3 of people in the fandom produce it as main genre!

If you want to listen to more amazing songs with amazing histories and voyages, download or buy Candy! An amazing experience that you should not forget!



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