Daniel Ingram – Open Up Your Eyes (CG5 Remix/Cover) | House / Electropop

Ok, this one is interesting! CG5 has really made perfect covers and remixes of some of my favorite songs in cartoon shows (take as example: Without You from TAWOG). When I saw that CG5 made a cover/remix of Open Up Your Eyes I was astonished, CG5 is not really a brony as he said on the description, but he is constantly making new musical content for a lot of fandoms in the internet, this time he tried to please the Bronies, and here we are mates!

The instrumental is well remixed, I love how CG5 manipulated certain original parts of the song and created a new texture and song! Like with Without You remix! And the vocals, oh my gosh! That vocals give me chills, a true talent! A true pop idol! If this songs were transmitted in radio stations people (bronies, not bronies) would love it! Awesome vocal range, awesome instrumental manipulation, an original look at the cover that makes it unique and deep emotions and feelings put into that vocals! CG5 did a really memorable experience and you should listening to it and also to his other tracks! Also, let’s hope that CG5 brings up more MLP related content (probably from the movie).


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