mikuma – Raindrops (feat. Namii) (Original Mix) | Future R&B

Xavi my dude! this is Dope AF! I Love it! and the lyrics are sooo true regarding this track aswell; “There’s no place I’d rather be, then Blasting this track on my Speakers and TV.” ❤ I mean, the first one that came out too was A-MA-ZING! I loved it! But this rendetion aswell pleases me and many others ALOT! The mixing in it is Superior and so gracefull. as Are Namii’s vocals! Soft and Mellow and then BOOM the beat takes over again. Very well done, props to the both of you! keep it up! ❤ everybody, you know what to do. ❤

Editor’s note: Go grab this track as part of the Pastel Dreams EP!


2 thoughts on “mikuma – Raindrops (feat. Namii) (Original Mix) | Future R&B

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