Rockin’Brony – Kindness (covering AcoustiMandoBrony) | Rock

Rockin’Brony brings us a cover from one of the most iconic Fluttershy songs that has ever been written. As a huge Fluttershy fan myself, this pleases me A LOT. I always enjoy covers from people, but this one really hits home in full honesty. I mean, it definitely hits the nostalgia and I once more feel the power behind this track. The reason why I’m still so proud to be a Brony and support this super happy and creative fandom is helping so many people and doing beautiful things together. Its truly magnificent. It shows that there’s nothing wrong in being proud of what you believe and that kindness is worth fighting, believing, standing up, and dying for. So regardless if you repeat it a lot or you make a lot of songs regarding that, its never wrong to stand up for kindness. So just let them talk, You and I both know that as long as they don’t deliver on what they talk, you can call bullshit. and smash the stereotype. ^^ And as someone that was heavily inspired by this track and is also proud to say he’s a huge fan of Fluttershy, I can definitely speak for her when I say she’s proud of you Rockin, I’m sure of it. 😉 Everybody, show some love man! ❤ Keep it up! one love rock! ❤

Yay! ❤


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