Rockin’Brony feat. Friends – A Long Way From Equestria (Covering MandoPony & AcousticBrony) | Blues

Sharing and spreading the positive messages and values from MLP is what I think defines us the most as Bronies, and it’s precisely what the original song A Long Way From Equestria is about. Here wonderfully covered by Rockin’Brony & Friends, it lives on through our hearts and the newer generations of pony musicians, to shine and spread the word once more, that we Bronies are changing the world. Enjoy this spectacular, heartfelt, and emotional rendition of the song by Rockin’Brony with the help and the shared magic of Friendship of 4EverfreeBrony, Cyril The Wolf, Luck Rock, Sable Symphony, Strumpet, and StealingShad3z! Wonderful job, y’all! Much love! Let’s keep making this world more like Equestria!


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