UndreamedPanic – Hold On (feat. Strigidae) | Synthpop / Electropop

This got me a lot Porter Robison feels! UndreamedPanic everyone! This artist is really prolific, a big name right now! But what jaw drop me the most was the soft and uplifting voice of Strigidae, which I’m a big fan. It was really nice of Panic choosing Strigidae for this vocal work! I can say this is the “Brony Shelter” because the drops, the cute vocal chops and the lyrics and the lyrical theme are all lovely and uplifting that makes you want to dance until you cry of joy. Also, shout-out for that cool Flutterdash drawing choosing, if feel really good for the topic of the song and the textures and flavours of it! Good job you two! You made me smile, a thing that I didn’t made since very long… Keep up the good work!


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