AndNoOneDriving – Wind to the Wing | Post Rock

Being inspired by Post Rock gigs at a pony convention, and several pony themes, AndNoOneDriving wrote amazing and meaningful Post Rock tracks of his own and this is the first of them! Paying tribute to Scootaloo’s very relatable character depth and feelings (for me too), Wind to the Wing is an incredible progressive piece featuring both soft parts of blissful guitar melodies, and heavier parts expressing feelings with the power of rock music! The bass play is delightful as well and perhaps it’s no coincidence given that “Scootabass” Scootaloo is often portrayed playing a bass guitar in fanarts. Wind to the Wing is definitely a masterpiece, to enjoy over and over again!

Edit: The song appears to have been deleted from the channel for unknown reasons, so in the meantime you can listen to it from here.


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