4everfreebrony – Second Chances (feat. Rockin’Brony, PrinceWhateverer, StealingShad3z, ReMake, GatoPaint, & The L-Train) | Rock

Here is a big time collaboration to be excited about! A very notable track off the new Ponies at Dawn album, Second Chances is a great display of the talents of several fandom favorite musicians! The piece begins with a beautiful orchestral opening that kicks into a full on rock song. Showcasing his always gorgeous melodies, 4everfreebrony sings of the difficulties Screwloose faces in learning to be normal. The rest of the crew provides the rock instrumentation, outstanding syncopation, and an insane guitar solo where each phrase was written and recorded by a different shredder. Rockin’Brony, PrinceWhateverer, StealingShad3z, Re:Make, GatoPaint, and The L-Train combine to help make Second Chances a song you absolutely do not want to miss!


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