VecodeX – Poison Apple II | Bounce / Deep House has been one of the greatest sources of the experimental music side of the fandom. Names like One Track Mind, Kakofonous A. Dischord, Drixale, r_chase and many others have contributed a lot to this label! But now is time for another artist to shine, yeah! I’m talking about VecodeX! This artist have been creating some really experimental house/bounce tracks! And this track shows how experimental is gets! Mixing two genres that normally are the opposite of each other, the groove and chillness of the Deep House mixed with the wildness and wubbyness of Bounce (a subgenre of Electro House). The wubs were on point and the synth work is also amazing! Really a treat! Listen to this on a high volume and start dancing. Good job VecodeX! Hope we can listen more things from you!


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