Elias Frost – Stories Vol. II | Album | Orchestral

Here is the sequel to Elias Frost’s previous EP – Stories Volume I. The release consists of five orchestral songs, with the middle three being the focus of the album and a prologue and epilogue to introduce and conclude the extended play. While Volume I focused on Hearth’s Warming stories, the songs on Volume II all take place in different Equestrian universes including a Daring Do book, a Legends of Equestria Book, and the Diaries of Sunset Shimmer.

“Daring Do and the Temple of Hope” is an epic soundtrack inspired by the Indiana Jones pony herself. The song has an suspense-adventurous feel to it and includes some worldly influence – almost like an Egyptian Mission Impossible track.

“Song of the Sea” has its own sailing adventure score where the danger is further emphasized by great use of choir vocal chants.

“Music in Our Hearts” has a mellow, emotional start before erupting into an epic rock track and teetering between dark rock and symphonic triumph.

Each song has it’s moments of adventurous highs and hero-defining lows which serve to tell great stories through music alone, without a need for words. There is a great arc to the structure of the EP, a strength Frost plays to very well. Make sure to check out Stories Vol. II available now!


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