Sights Unseen – Ardent Light | Synth Rock

As a long-time fan of Sights Unseen, I just want to say how happy I am to see that not only is he producing brony music again, but also that there are plans for much more to come! Bringing his unique blend of synths and rock music, Sights gives us this brilliant, powerful song about the Princess of Friendship and her struggles in learning how to lead after being thrust into such an important role. The synths in this track are used to great effect as leading riffs as well as background chords that add a level of epicness to each other instrument playing at the time. Sights does an amazing job in keeping the theme of adversity front and center while bringing in “heavenly” musical elements to make the struggle beautiful. If you are unfamiliar with this artist, then make sure to check out this track (and if you are familiar, then you know I don’t have to tell you to)!

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