strigidae – fluffy blackberry pie (UndreamedPanic’s ‘Hold On’ Reimagined) | Indie Dance

Strigidae is on a roll with the very fluffy and fuzzy releases! After the cuddly fuzzy purple pancakes focusing on Starlight (and Trixie), this one is centered around Tempest aka Fizzlepop Berrytwist from the movie! Beautifully reimagining the original collab with UndreamedPanic Hold On, Strigidae pays much tribute to the very loveable pony with this new song, imbuing her character depth and the Mane 6’s feelings for her in it. A wonderful fan song, and a much joyous occasion! Let us reminisce about the events of the movie and think about what we feel for Tempest, as we listen to the song and imagine some magical fireworks unfolding before our mesmerized eyes…


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