[ASOS] TCB – Only One (R3CTIFIER Remix) | Indie Dance

My favorite track from A State of Sugar Bubblegum is what I believe is a very fine example of the otherworldly power of pony vocal chops, and Passion. Covering the original melodies from TCB‘s original track in a brand new genre and different progression, R3CTIFIER took a certain vocal part from the original and decided to focus on it for this remix. That was quite the amazing vision, as those certain chops from Your Heart Is in Two Places, along that newly crafted atmosphere, are precisely what is triggering so much emotion when I listen to it, to the point that I can’t help but tear up. We love those characters, so hearing their voices like this is very powerful… or so seems to be the logic behind this phenomenon. In any case, I’ll always be grateful to life, and to musicians like R3CTIFIER and TCB for making such powerful emotions happen..!

2 thoughts on “[ASOS] TCB – Only One (R3CTIFIER Remix) | Indie Dance

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