Wootmaster – Little by Little | Hip-Hop

I’m normally very skeptical of Rappers who take on Classic beats and then spit over it, but Wootmaster went ABOVE and BEYOND that! Legit, this is a Banger. If you’re a Veteran within this Fandom and see/know about the Scene and how it all went / how it all is today… You’re gonna feel this. Legit, Upon listening to this again while doing the write-up I teared up. I’ll even go as far to say this Track is **THE** Rap release within the Brony fandom of the Year! I legit hope to see this go Big, Because Wootmaster deserves it! A true loyalist, Defender, and Representative of how magical, powerfull, and real it all can be within the Fandom! everybody show some love to Woot! ❤
Real hiphop, Don’t you ever forget it, its that underground shit, and its the woot that said it! skippe de flippe spiritual miracle lyrical individual
Wootmaster’s full album can be found here.


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