Mane In Green – Belle De Nuit | Orchestral

Mane In Green displays his incredible talent and very potent magic once more with a new heartfelt piece, this time inspired from an adorable dream he had involving Fluttershy, and Belle De Nuit flowers that only bloom at night. Perhaps that dream was a gift from Luna… The piece certainly feels magical from the intense emotions I got while listening to it, and through the course of its progression, the piano, bells, winds and strings all contribute to guide the soul to a beautiful place in a flower garden filled with those flowers. The finale of the song brings the emotions to their pinnacle with a very powerful moment taking you by surprise. A much emotional piece from the green-haired maestro that shows once more how music can convey much more than what words alone can.
Also on a personal note, I got to listen to this track for the first time with the musician himself being next to me IRL, and that was such a wonderful and amazing experience ❤ Keep it up Mane!!


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