Suskii – Hivemind (Ponytronic Remix) | Halftime Drum & Bass

Suskii and Ponytronic back at it again with the muhfuckin’ bugg music man. Always a pleasure to listen too! relevant to the many holes changelinges have… This track will make EVERY, SINGLE, OPENING, TREMBLE with IMMENSE PLEASURE and HYPE! If this doesn’t let you feel like you’re shaking, THIS TRACK WILL MAKE YOU! And with every huff and Puff while the drops keep coming in, you’re gonna feel it. HARD, INSIDE YOU! ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Legit this track is dope af bro you’ve done amazing! Keep it up! everybody, show some love! Support the bug queen!

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