MC-Arch & Namii – Gaurdian Angel (feat. Koron Korak) | Hip-Hop

It is no surprise that MC-Arch feels powerful things for Fluttershy and would go as far as to have a foal with her, but to get such a heartfelt and impactful masterpiece about it, is such a delight and definitely feels like Arch’s magnum opus. Gathering the help of the talented Namii to voice Fluttershy and even sing gorgeous backing vocals, as well as inviting Koron Korak to perform fitting emotional violin, Arch delivers the peak of his feelings into this song, confessing yet again his genuine love for the yellow pegasus and singing an ode to a beautiful future for their family (depicted amazingly here by the artwork of xSidera) and for those who will partake in this inextinguishable source of happiness with him. As his friend and as someone who also feels powerful things for the ponies and who can relate very much to the lyrics, this song was very emotional for me and I’m so happy to see this unfold. May their love last forever!

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