[P@D] RoomVR, Mufaya & jetty – Will Of The Wind | Epic Orchestral

One of my many favorites from Ponies at Dawn Enigma, RoomVR’s collab with Mufaya and jetty lives up to its epic and poetic name with a fittingly epic and progressive track of over 7 minutes that showcases the magic of every musician’s talent so well. Not lacking in terms of emotion, the divine piece makes us reach new planes of consciousness as we loose ourselves to the magical melodies and atmosphere, and let the Wind Guide Us… (Reference to Wind Guide You intended.) Because yes, this track also has a deep concept about embracing the unknown, following the wind, to find the place where you belong… And you can read all about it in the comments section (thanks RoomVR for explaining <3). With such a concept and instrumental wonders, this masterpiece certainly makes us feel we’re right where we’re supposed to be as we listen to it!

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