[P@D] ThatMusicBrony – Thoughts | Indie Dance

ThatMusicBrony has such a way to call for emotion in this mastepiece from another realm, where incredible vocals are complementing a rich instrumental of insane compositional prowess. The vocals sound so genuine and like they were sung with much emotion in the first place, and it results in such a surge of emotion that we can feel from them. That deep bass is also such a classic way to create powerful emotion, and it is used quite masterfully here. The sound design and soundcape is stunning as well, and it feels like our soul is witnessing some out-of-this-world sight. This musical experience sure feels otherworldly, as powerful emotions overwhelm the listener while this masterpiece unfolds. At least that’s what it did for me! My second favorite from Ponies at Dawn Enigma, based on the emotion that I felt…

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