[P@D] BlueBrony – Imperfection | Orchestral Pop

BlueBrony has always excelled at making songs in ways no one else could think, while maintaining a very high quality to the track – in any genre! Featured on the most recent Ponies at Dawn release, Enigma, BlueBrony manages to standout among the fandom’s best of the best with Imperfection. The chord progression and choices are perfect, controlling emotion as it swings between anguish, confused, and hopeful. The song is a narrative from Sweetie Bot’s point of view and despite being about a robot, is perhaps one of the most relatable songs this fandom has produced. The vocals sings of how Sweetie Bot wants her programming reset and memories flushed because it does not work correctly; her circuits and functionality creating limitations she feels the need to exceed. This masterpiece is beautiful, touching, and guaranteed to move you – just try to listen without tearing up!

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