Vylet Pony – Pancake | Synthpop

Seems Vylet wasn’t the only one thinking parent horses need some Love. Its very cool to see that become in frution with Pancake. A cool song about Twilight’s Mom living The high life vibes while being self-aware of how you can come off with Disingenuous Attitudes and Such when becoming one with that Vibe. Its a great Self-Reflective Caricature wich is really coming off greatly! (Infact, after finishing this write-up imma hit-up some GTA 5 Because I love Ideological Messaging like this. Its really Reminicent regarding Rockstars message in GTA about the American Dream.) I’m really digging The Synthwaves and Electronic Instrumentals and they go along just greeeaaaaat with the Beat and Melody. I love it. uwu
Coming from the Vylet’s new Album called; Glitter, don’t miss out on this Sparkle!


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