Zephysonas – Second Family [For Makenshi] | Orchestral


Wow. Songs in this fandom that are written as a tribute to a specific person are always beautifully and meaningfully deep in ways that most songs simply cannot attain, yet there is something about the love that went into this track that makes it stand out among the other tributes.

Zephysonas orchestrates not just a fantastic composition, but also organized a myriad of heartfelt words from all kinds of brony musicians and promoters to say “thank you” to the biggest fan and best friend of every musician in this fandom, Makenshi. Second Family is soft and uplifting, utilizing light strings and bells to create a supportive atmosphere reminiscent of the person it is dedicated to. Emotionally moving in every aspect and subtly a nod to Makenshi’s favorite pony (Pinkie Pie), Zephysonas really outdid himself with this masterpiece!


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