Ponytronic – Tundra Cheer | Breakbeat

One of my all-times favorites from Ponytronic for sure, Tundra Cheer is a masterpiece of sound and emotion, creating a magical and cuddly atmosphere, delivering gorgeous melodies, and crafting an amazing progression with each part being even more emotional than the other. Not to mention that this almighty track also got an incredible concept about Pinkamena and her character depth, detailled in the description on YouTube! As someone who certainly understands the richness and scale of Pinkie’s chara depth, I can appreciate Ponytronic’s thoughts so much, and how he imbued them in this somptuous tune along that equally breathtaking artwork from MirroredSea. Dive deep in pure musical bliss, as emotion from both the sound and the thoughts about Pinkie is flowing in…


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