Vylet Pony & Sylver – Swarm (feat. The Living Tombstone & KLRX) | Dubstep

In this song from Homeward (Link here), Satyrn is doing her Epic stand Against the Swarm. This is a Thrill and a Warming composition that translates itself to tell a part of the Story that is a very Desperate and Nerve-wrecking Experience. and you can most Definitly feel that within this super fluent and smooth Track! The switch truly is amazing from the Intensity to the Calm parts, this truly represents doing the last stand and fight against the coming storm so others can get away and Escape… with EVERYTHING you’ve got. Satyrn is a Badass. And so is this Track!
With several amazing artists doing their part for this track aswell! YES, I’m talking to ya’ll Tombstone, Sylver, Namii (Bless you), and KLRX! You all rocked it! ❤ keep up the great work!

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