Everfree Sovereign – Forgot About Flow | Rap / HipHop

I’m gonna go in this write-up with keepin’ it real with ya’ll; It takes a lot of courage to spit on a Dr. Dre Beat. Since to me also, his beats have a high standard class to me. And therefore, I keep stuff real when people spit on classic beats. But this duo consisting of Genesis & D.imotion, representing Everfree Sovereign in da house, have performed a marvelous parody track of this Classic! S/O to Rhyme Flow! A smooth flow over this classic chill beat with some dope Pony references, I like this! Genesis & Diz both slayin’ it with the Flow. and with a powerful message to all of the skeptics;

Pony Music is still here.

❤ great work everyone! ❤ show some love fam!


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