Vylet Pony – Elysium | Alternate Electronic / Indie Pop

Man this song brings in the Feelings along with Beautiful and Outstanding vibes! I am honest in this track is my favourite from the Album! This track just brings, so much enlightment in me that I instantly feel Motivated to write Music! The story involved with this is that Satyrn & Vylet a Journal that leads-up to a Meteorite that was found in Saddle-Arabia. Is another adventure setting itself up? Will we see more badassery from Satyrn, Vylet, and the whole crew of the Starship Ponyville? Because legit, the Story is wonderful! And it would be amazing to see it expand more and more! Just as the track itself feels so wonderfully Adventurous! I’ll gladly withstand another Epilepsy attack to feel and witness it! And here’s to more write-ups from Homeward!

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