[P@D] MEQA, L.M., Cosmic Fox, AJ Young, Soundnix & Quadrivia – Bronycalypse | Dubstep

The end is not the end.
One of the sneak peak tracks of Ponies at Dawn Skyward album this track is a MASSIVE six way collab between some great artists. Opening up with some moody guitars and pizzicatos it quickly builds into a wonderous cacophony of interchanging styles weaving in and out of each other! the melancholic interlude finishing off the track also gives us a retrospective vibe to briefly reflect back on the past decade and is such a fun and professional song. If there is one thing I can get behind, its collabs, and on this scale it hits home the fact that the fandom won’t disappear after the show, there is a world of untapped potential just waiting to be explored and I think we can go on for a long time coming!

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