Agents of Discord – Odds & Ends | Album | Breakbeat

Full of many tasty pony Breakbeat bangers, this new album from Agents of Discord will surprise you in many ways, with a wide diversity of themes and lots of musical wonders all around! Many tracks exhibit such a creative musical vision and very cool endeavors in sound design, and the ideas behind the themes are just so lovely. To name a few, the opener Chrysalis’ Take Over is bringing an onslaught by our beloved Queen, Crystal Cave Rave (in 3 parts + a VIP) is kicking off a gig inside the crystal caves beneath Canterlot’s castle that we saw in the S2 finale, Ultimate Sweetie Belle and Ultimate Scootaloo are definitely living up to their names, and Saddle GameZ is such a excellent mashup! Lots of fun to experience while partying hard to these treats! And if you missed the live release party, you can watch the recording of it here! I was lucky to be able to attent it, and it was amazing!! I definitely recommend‘s live release parties to anypony who hasn’t experienced it yet!


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