Suskii – Ponies Are For Little Girls (RIEL Remix) | Dubstep

(Please have a listen to the Suskii’s original track here, as always you be the judge on which you like better!)
The message of this song is very personal to me. It honestly should be to any brony for that matter, old or new. When someone questions why you would be into this show or this fandom. Don’t be shy, tell them that it saved your life in some way. It made you grow. You found some real friends. Did things for you that could only be dreamed of ever happening! Hold onto that and yell at the top of your lungs with other bronies Huzzah! This song is a perfect way to dance and show that passion off. It’s Heavy. It has fun builds and drops in the beat. Some good old sound clips from the show. Its the type of song to have a good ol’ fashion Brony Dance Party. Don’t let Luna down and make sure that fun keeps being doubled.

3 thoughts on “Suskii – Ponies Are For Little Girls (RIEL Remix) | Dubstep

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