Ataraxia – Starlight (Moving On) | Indie Pop

(You can hear Ataraxia’s Album “Lost and Found” Here )

When it comes to Starlight Glimmer. She is a character forever struggling with herself. Starlight (Moving On) paints that picture very well. My first time hearing Ataraxia filled my head with such an emotional scene. The melody has this feeling of sadness, anger, sorrow, challenges, happiness, fear and courage. The lyrics tell this story of Starlight looking at all of this at last. Dealing with it, she’s ready to just move on with her life for better or worse. Ataraxia has this amazing and soothing voice that makes this song come together. The piano solo at the end is a fitting end to it.

I love this song. I can see Starlight walking the path of her life, looking closely at where she has been, and what she has done up to this point. It is this feeling of hope – Starlight has found hope. You don’t even have to like Starlight to even enjoy this song, which you should definitely go listen right now!

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