[Equinity] Skelter – Dawn | Hybrid Orchestral

Equinity 01: Stellar is turning out to surprise me with each track I listen too. Skelter composes something that brings out a feeling in me that inspires me. It reminds you of something about the series MLP:FiM that I love. Especially when I think about characters like Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, even Princess Celestia. It’s this feeling inside of me or every single brony to never quit. Skelter does a great job with the continuous build of emotion and passion in these courageous melodies that communicate that. The mane 6 have gone on so many adventures, seen so much of their world and inspired so many of us. Giving us a new life when we found this show. I picture a lot us fans listening to this as we about to head off to a pony convention. The cords are what make this piece so uplifting and powerful. This fandom lives on music such as this. This was a fine use of the orchestra genre to honor that about this show. Does this Dragon Pony wonder if you’ll feel the same about Skelter’s music as well? You judge for yourself as always.

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