[Equinity] TPressleyJ – What The Hay VIP | Riddim

(You can listen to the Orginal Here on P@D Enigma)
Chaos I tell you! and there is no discord around this song. You sit there listening to this banger of a song wondering the same thing this song is telling you. The beats make you feel like your in a state of panic with these frantic drops. Voices around you, creating a sense of insanity. The break in the beat goes scary calm that lets you catch your breath before your back into this state of chaos. This track throws you around and spits you out. Which in turn fits right into the theme of the whole Equality album. I love the Sci-fi atmosphere this song puts you in. A starship in state of out of control and you wonder if you’ll make it out alive! WHAT THE HAY! indeed. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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