Narokath – Dead Wings of Grace | Album | Progressive Metal / Orchestral

An interesting concept album, coming from the swedish one-man-band Narokath. An album telling a double story between two worlds: an individual and personal point of view about life and feelings about it, where each listener is invited to do their own understandings of it and a story set in a darker world of Equestria.

(Continued after the break)

All the story centers around our favorite dragon – Spike. It starts with the first act – The history of his life and how did he exited Ponyville due to the problems he had socializing with ponies for being a dragon. Then, in the second act, Spike reaches the dragon land and tries to be a member of the dragon horde, his difficulties and hardships that made him grow up in growth, but also in wiseness and as a dragon in the horde. The third act is about the hopelessness that Twilight senses because of not being able to stop Spike to destroy Equestria, resulting in a massacre and destruction of the most important Equestrian villages. Nothing remained but a scorched wasteland of a once green, vast and prosperous land.

Taking this “tragic” concept of the history, Narokath tries to give a “Opeth-Dream Theather” like instrumentation and vocals, creating some really amazing headbangers or dreamers. Some tracks will make you moshpit, others will make close your eyes and relax your brain. The variety is tremendus ranging from the most extreme progressive metal to an orchestral ballad. The perfect soundtrack for a movie adaptation of this history created by the swedish musician.

Reminding, this album is up to stream in various sites that are linked in the youtube video of the album. A really interesting project that every single of you need to hear and appreciate. The amount of work and thought for this album needs to be praised, Narokath, you are a genius!


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