Ardhy Mahardhy – Moonlight | Future Bass

Songs about Princess Celestia missing her sister Luna are not made to much anymore sadly, but how about a new spin on it! Ardhy Mahardhy was inspired to do so by moongazing one night. Why the song is not directly about that. It could be seen as that way. What a moving and positive piece of music. Using this soft and nice pop-rock and orchestral melodies to get you started It builds itself up to this fantastic rush of powerful and lifting melody that you can feel Celestia looking at the moon and hoping one day. She and Luna will be together again. Then dips back down to a softer tone and starts over. You have a little bit of Drums, Strings, Cords, keyboard. All putting this together in a very good display of Future Bass. This a good stuff for someone still trying to get the hang of making music. Give Ardhy some love, please. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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