PrinceWhateverer & Sable Symphony – Holy Fire (feat. Blackened Blue) | Metalcore

Fresh off his album Reimagine, Comes a song that we’ve been waiting for. Let me tell you something, my fellow bronies. THIS is how you do a song about Daybreaker! Prince, with help from the wonderful Sable Symphony. Presents the internal fight Princess Celestia has with her other side Daybreaker! OH my, the RAGE in this song. PrinceWhateverer focuses on the theme of Celestia trying to keep it together. Telling herself that she a good pony. That she refuses to use her true power and magic for her own desires. BUT she can’t get away from this presence she feels within. Then comes in Daybreaker screaming at Celestia that she knows the truth. That it’s only a matter of time before others see past her smiling face, that she Daybreaker will come out and burn Equestria to the ground. This is how you present Daybreaker, as a raging inferno inside the princess of the sun. The lyrics, The guitars, the melodies. The amazing voice of PrinceWhateverer’s harmonizing of Celestia’s side with the brutal screaming rage of Daybreaker’s side. The back and forth is perfect for a song like this. Its reminds me of songs done by the likes of bands like Killswitch Engaged. A fellow colleague of HMH Blackened Blue lends a hand in the final screaming rage of Daybreaker and the song ends on a sweet and soft Electronica melody reminding Celestia that Daybreaker will never go away. This is Daybreaker done right with METAL! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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