[ASOS] GrazySmash & ponycutz – You Rock | Complextro

You Rock is another example of the talent this fandom has, bringing heavy and powerful sound design with amazing rhythm and creativity. A part of the newly released ASoS album, Waffle, it expands the variety of music in it and confirms even more that the album is definitely worth the listen. A slow start with very a serious and cyber punk style shows this song doesn’t mess around. Going into the drop it ups the tention, which transitions to a pure enjoyment and headshaking that wasn’t heard in a while. And in the Waffle style, it makes a transition to a completely different genre, and you guessed it, it’s psytrance. Energetic, and strong bass is present that again, switches back to the first drop. The song is one of the prime examples that shows the quality of both producers and the quality of the album. That’s GrazySmash and Ponycutz.

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