[PP] Neu KatalYst – cmap.exe (feat. Starbrush) | Acid / Experimental / Industrial

Coming from the latest Pinkamena Party release, brony Drum and Bass legend Neu KatalYst, with the help of Starbrush, delivers a frantic and danceable experimental acid electronic track, reminding me of 90’s acid songs, mostly on an industrial take on the matter – respecting the theme of the Pinkamena Party album – old school eletronic/experimental music. Inspired by the soundtrack of the amazing anime Serial Experiments Lain and by the character of Friendship is Witchcraft – Sweetie Bot, the acid and psychedelic feeling plus the mechanical and cold frantic sounding textures and sounds make it really enjoyable. An experimental acid track with an industrial cherry on the top, making it really good. Good job on this one Neu and Starbrush!


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