Power Note – Pony Donut (feat. Musica Note) | Techno

hmh not for kids

Editor’s note: Been a while we haven’t used that warning image! Some mature themes and content in this share, so jump below the break for the song and writeup only if you’re good to view such content!

It’s getting a bit hot in here… Power Note’s back, and this time we have a bouncy techno number about… ponuts. It starts out with a sample from a very saucy quote from Flinch (obvious NSFW warning) set to your typical techno kick drums before building up with a deep brass synth riff and sirens in the mix, followed by the soft whispers of Musica Note just before every drop. It looks like we’ve found ourselves another tasty banger, especially when it’s coupled with a cute and tasty horse on the screen!

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