YeahButThenDragons – Find the Music In You (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Acapella

This catchy song made famous by the PonyTones has been reimagined by YeahButThenDragons and her brother with just their voices alone! Their arrangement makes it seem like a fully live rendition done by a full acapella ensemble, just from the addition of body percussion and plentiful harmonies. Daniel Ingram would be proud.


Maressey – Well I Wonder | Indie Rock

After a long wait, the final album in the Maressey tetralogy is here. Track 7 from The Twiluna Album is Well I Wonder, a parody of the Smiths song of the same name as well as the album’s central track. It depicts a scenario where Twilight encounters Luna on a visit to Canterlot, and the two form a large bond, making it a duet between the two. Faux Snyder and Metal Mare brilliantly play those roles, respectively, and Freewave‘s instrumental rendition of the original track is top notch!


BassPon3 – Midnight Flight | Trance

Hey you. Wanna get high? Then this track from BassPon3’ll do ya good. Midnight Flight showcases an interesting blend of hip-hop and trance while also containing an uplifting atmosphere. As is to be expected of BassPon3, its heavily influenced by trance music of the 2000s with its melody, synths and choir sounds. This one’s sure to make you feel like flying late at night without a care in the world!


Nicolas Dominique – Sunset Flight (Remastered) | Trance

And continuing with the remastered set of tracks is Nicolas Dominique with Sunset Flight, originally released in 2012! The newest rendition of the classic song, while shorter in length, is a much more carefully crafted version. All the late 90s/early 2000s trance elements come together perfectly, creating a calm and nostalgic atmosphere that people like me just can’t get enough of! It really feels like a relaxing flight across a sunset sky.


StrachAttack – SHYSTEP | Dubstep

From the ashes of 2013 rises SHYSTEP, a remake of StrachAttack’s song of the same name with a new coat of paint! This rendition is a fast-paced dubstep track with Fluttershy vocal chops and chiptune synths, a good mix of the old and new. Coupled with this beautiful track is an equally beautiful image of Fluttershy in some blue skivvies, which has an oddly innocent quality to it. Those powerful drops, though! Good stuff for nearly 12 hours’ work.


Maressey – The Twiluna Album | Album | Jangle Pop

After a long 3 year wait, Maressey have delivered their fourth and final album, The Twiluna Album! As we’ve come to expect, Maressey is a tribute act that focuses on ponified versions of songs performed by The Smiths, a British indie pop/rock band that were around in the 80s. Freewave leads the Maressey project and has brought a large amount of guests on board to help with the music and vocals, such as FritzyBeat, Faux Snyder, Fire Frets and Sylverlining. Snyder’s vocal talents in particular are to be noted, and can be heard across songs such as Bigmouth Strikes Again, Luna in a Coma and Well I Wonder; her higher voice makes for a nice contrast in place of Morrissey’s deeper baritone range. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want showcases Zatslol‘s vocal work, which is also noteworthy for featuring a striking resemblance to Morrissey’s own voice. Standout tracks include Some Mares…, Luna in a Coma and Back to the Old House, which stand as very faithful renditions to their original tracks.


4EverfreeBrony – The Way She Flies (feat. FritzyBeat and Brittney Ackerman) (Covering Phileo) – Alternative Rock

Classic time! 4everfreebrony teams up with FritzyBeat and Brittney Ackerman for a cover of Phileo’s sole original song from 2013, The Way She Flies! This new take on the song has a more modern flair to it while retaining the same feeling of flying across a summer skyline that the original once did. Sprinkled across certain points of the song are callbacks to Sonic Rainboom with new Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash voices performed by Brittney Ackerman, while the lead vocals are performed by the versatile Fritzy! The pure rock goodness has landed. Check out that wah lead towards the end!