Coltcrusher – The End of the Rainbow | Death Metal

hmh grimdark

Heads up: The video for this song contains excessive blood and gore.

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[P@D] Osoch – Song of Tyrants (feat. DivinumX, Chris Wöhrer and Wubcake) | Death Metal

If there was an award for the heaviest track on Ponies at Dawn Eternal, this would be an easy win. Track 51 on the compilation, Osoch is back with his third contribution. Along with the vocal talents of DivinumX, Chris Wöhrer and Wubcake, we have an incredibly heavy death metal song about a clash between Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker. With riffs heavier than a 10-tonne weight and a beautiful blend of clean and harsh vocals, we have a brilliantly heavy progressive masterpiece in our hooves.


[P@D] Jyc Row – Lunar Rebellion [月の反逆 / Tsuki no Hangyaku] (feat. Satomi) | Soundtrack

Jyc Row strikes again. Track from Ponies at Dawn Eternal, he’s teamed up with a singer who goes by the name Satomi, who also wrote the lyrics about Luna and Celestia fighting as part of the Lunar Republic, in Japanese, no less! What follows is a beautiful orchestral soundtrack piece with powerful electronic percussion, creating something that sounds straight out of an anime. It’s not often we get Japanese songs in the fandom, so this is a nice change of pace!


Vylet Pony – Colourless | Solo Piano

There’s no stopping Vylet, is there? Track 14 from her album Love Letters: Colourless as well as the title track, it’s an emotional instrumental piece. Consisting of just a piano and the sounds of rain, it perfectly accents the diary entry included with the album, describing Rainbow Dash’s feelings for Rarity as she listens to a piece of music entitled Mistress, said to be written by the latter (though in reality was written by Vylet, and appeared on the Love Letters album). Sometimes you don’t need words to get your message across.


[P@D] Suskii – Summon the Shadows | Metalcore

Track 8 on the freshly-released Ponies at Dawn: Eternal, and it’s about the Pony of Shadows. This one in particular was made by… Wait, Suskii? If you know the name by now, you’d probably come to expect some hard-hitting dubstep. Instead, he’s brought us some brutal metalcore, a crazy yet welcome change of pace. Suskii’s vocals switch between harsh screams and strong, harmonious clean singing seamlessly. Of course, no metalcore is complete without a breakdown, and this one’s heavy as can be, filled to the brim with low-tuned guitars, descending dissonant synths and raw guttural screams. I’m really liking the new Suskii sound!


[P@D] Francis Vace – Silent (feat. PegasYs) | Ska Punk

The last of the Eternal pre-releases, and it’s a good one! Francis Vace teams up with his usual ska punk fare, with PegasYs joining him on vocals this time. While all the familiar elements of ska punk are recognisable in his sound, the track is laced with 8-bit sounding synths to complete the piece. With great references to Autumn Blaze and her all too familiar song that needs no introduction, this is a piece you can’t pass up. Eternal releases on October 6th!


Rarity Advocate – Blossomforth | Soft Rock

After their piece about Rarity, Rarity Advocate’s back with another tribute to the background pony Blossomforth, and this one is much different! This track is a rather stripped down number, consisting of a guitar and bass, plus what sounds like a melodic bell. A clean guitar riff reminiscent of a midwest emo song from the 90s is the most prominent element and carries the song right up to the end. Ponies like Blossomforth need more love!


Valesi – Winter Village | Piano Solo

It seems more and more fandom musicians have been returning from long breaks these days. This time it’s Valesi, who’s just uploaded a soft piano track inspired by an Equestrian winter. Their first upload in three years as well as their first MLP-related track since 2015 (!!!), it comprises of a solo piano that cycles through a handful of motifs that all seem to give off the feeling of walking through a cold, yet homely path. It’s amazing what you can do with just a piano to carry a tune.


Koa – Broken Wings (PonyFireStone Remix) | Dubstep

PonyFireStone has returned to the pony music scene with this brilliant remix of Koa‘s Broken Wings, their first MLP related track in 3 years. This track starts out with intense dark ambient synths before slowly kicking into the meat and potatoes of the song; Koa’s amazing voice alongside a newer and heavier instrumental with elements of drum n’ bass and dubstep. The colours give us life, and so does this song!


Forest Rain – The End of the World | Punk Rock

Forest Rain has just put out her second album of the year: a 12 track concept album about an apocalyptic war breaking out in Equestria. It starts out with an eerie spoken word intro featuring the voice of actor Reagan Murdock followed by a dark organ melody along with the voice of a female leader addressing the nation to stay calm before the haunting sound of countless screams can be heard, which is then followed up with the first full track, The Fight. It’s a fast-paced punk rock track coupled with orchestral strings and bells along with Forest’s powerful vocals and amazing guitar work to set the mood for the entire album.

For the first half of the album, the album charges forward relentlessly with uptempo rock tracks with soaring choruses and the occasional guest spot; Borders Fall features guest vocals from Wubcake, Steel Chords and Cyril the Wolf to add character and freshen things up some, and We Stand features Whirlwind, performing live drums. The album’s halfway point – The War – brings things down quite a notch in intensity, turning somber as if to represent the dystopian aftermath of Equestria after the war. Following this track is Beacon in the Dark, one of the more unexpected tracks on the album. It has a more electronic backing, and also showcases Forest rapping with ferocity in each verse.

Overall, this album as a cohesive whole is undeniably excellent and powerful, and tells the story presented with precision. Standout tracks are The Fight, The Battle, We Stand, Beacon in the Dark and In Memoriam, but for the best experience, I highly recommend you listen from beginning to end. The album is fresh off the presses on Bandcamp, and also currently has a limited run of jewelcase CDs, so get them while they’re hot!