[ASOS] Paloris – A Complete Breakfast | Chillout

Yet another ASoS: Waffle track; this time it’s Paloris with track 22 (the second of their two submissions to the album), A Complete Breakfast! Fitting name; this could easily be a good piece of music to start the day with, whether you’re waking up and eating breakfast or walking down the street in the morning. It starts out with typical sounds you’d expect to hear in the morning, such as a clock ticking and the distant chirping of birds, all set to a chilled beat consisting of a soft xylophone melody, a bitcrushed synth melody (which really reminds me of the GameCube menu theme, oddly enough) and neatly placed drum samples, some of which were made from Paloris’ mouth! Hopefully this will become a great addition to your morning routine.


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