Likonan – The MLP 2019 Re-remixes EP | Album | Electronica

It’s always nice when an old name in the fandom comes back. For those of you who don’t know, Likonan is a music producer who got his start in 2011 when the brony fandom was still in its infancy. His music primarily focused on MLP between 2011 and 2013. After being in the shadows for so long, he’s finally come back with an album full of remastered electronic remixes of popular MLP fan tunes from artists such as WoodenToaster and NotACleverPony! Two of the biggest stand-out tracks are the revamped version of his interpretation of For The New Lunar Replublic and a brand new remix of A Kirin Tale to close out the album. The Kirin Tale remix in particular is a beautifully crafted and fast-paced Eurobeat remix, chosen as the last and freshest track to send off the album as well as the show. FTNLR 2019 is a newer interpretation of the NotACleverPony classic in a drum n’ bass style, giving a fresh take on the old number. Overall, this is a pretty solid collection of remixes and originals, and a great tribute to the show. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also made an emotional 6-part video series chronicling his time with the brony fandom with each song. Likonan is very much welcome back in the herd with should he choose to come back fully!

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