MC-Arch – Relation (prod. Nevermourn) (feat. DaWillstanator) | Hip-Hop / Audio Drama

The message in this song is so vital in our fandom and our world right now. This emotional song about Discord could have not been released at a better time. This track is one of best on MC-Arch’s masterpiece of an album. This track is a combo of a Hip-Hop and only a small part of the well done audio drama this album offers. Featuring the musical talents of my fellow H.M.H colleague Nevermourn. Who does such a great job of making a melody, that just conveys the energy and power of the rhymes MC-Arch’s releases in this track. More than ever the lyrics cut deep with emotion and wisdom. The lyrics are for the one and only master of chaos Discord. Voiced by a fellow known for his talent for voicing him DaWillstantor! The magic of this track is the whole conversation between Discord and Realfeeler. Really well done and produced. I really want people to listen to this track. The Characters we relate to in the show is why we cherish the lessons learned we learn MLP. The message of speaking up for the greater good for all is so dire to learn. I really love the fact that Arch took his love for Discord and made such a powerful track about him and the message. Our fandom and our world need this so much right now. These characters would speak up for us, and we need to do the same for others! Let yourself feel the power of this track. You will not be sorry for it. There is no one better at taking their love of MLP, and using it for the greater good then MC-Arch. So proud I call the 3 gentlemen on this track, friends of mine. Check this song out and the Album! This Qilin insists.

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